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So as much fun as I had using Linux as my main OS, I wasn’t able to stick it permanently for a couple of reasons.

  • Performance issues - something was a bit janky with my Manjaro install and over time the performance would degrade. I would start to get mini freezes and it would slowly grind to a halt until I had to restart it.
  • Ease of use - I was able to get a lot of apps up and running just fine, but Discord was the final straw. They provided a tar.gz file with no useful info, no install instructions and no write up on their website.
  • Proton’s still a bit flaky. I had tested Civ at the LAN party and it worked fine, but that evening for whatever reason it categorically reused. I presume there had been updates, but it was most frustrating.

I genuinely feel like we’re on the cusp of it being a completely viable full time alternative, especially as proton improves further, but alas we’re not quite there yet. I’ll give it another go in 6 months or so and see!

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