Relinuxing... Again.

2023-08-01 | #linux #nerdery

Just to make things even more complicated for myself I’ve recently become obsessed with running Linux on my PC again, so I thought I’d have another go. There were 3 distros I wanted to check out: Void Linux, NixOS, and Arch. Nix is a very exciting project - it prioritises stability and compatibility. The package manager installs all dependencies separately so that you can’t get yourself stuck in dependency hell, and the whole OS can be configured declaratively using a config file which can be stored in Git, loaded on to a new machine and boom - you have an identical config up and running in minutes.

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2022-11-03 | # #

So all the cool nerds seem to be signing up for Mastodon at the moment, ever since Elongate and I thought ‘why not?’. I looked them up on Github, saw a Dockerfile and thought ‘Nice, this should be fairly easy then’. Oh how wrong I was. It turns out that to run Mastodon you don’t just run the one container, you need do run a whole mesh of 3-5 containers. 3 of which are the same tootsuite/mastodon container, but with different commands.

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