Backups Are Good


So after yet another instance of Certbot breaking on Amazon Linux I got annoyed with it and decided to move everything over to Ubuntu. I thought this would be super easy as I’ve got everything mounted in on EBS volumes.

It wasn’t quite as straight forward as I’d thought, though. And as part of it I thought that my Ghost container had overwritten the content on my mounted volume with the default and then remembered I’d never got round to setting up a backup. Not that it’s a hugely important thing, this blog, but it’s always good to have something.

It turned out that I’d mounted the volume wrong and it had silently failed, so Ghost was booting up with a blank folder and populating it with the defaults. After sanity checking I realised my mistake and remounted the volume properly and recovered everything.

Scare over I then went straight to the backups section of the console and configured them for this blog as well. Just get round to it! Even if it’s for something relatively unimportant you’ll kick yourself when you eventually need it.

Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Year. Here’s hoping 2020 is a step up from the Charlie Foxtrot that was 2019.

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