I know I’m really rather late to the party on this one, but hot damn Docker is great. I started a new job about a month ago now and it’s been quite a learning curve. Until now I’ve heard a lot about it but I didn’t really get it and there didn’t seem to be much point in using it for fairly straightforward LAMP servers, but for anything more complicated than that it just makes so much sense.

As a way of helping to get my head round it I set myself two little side projects. These were a lot of fun, and were just small things that I could do to help me understand the workflows involved with getting things running in ECS as it’s pretty convoluted and not even remotely intuitive. The first was self hosting my Unifi controller for home using the highly recommended jacobalberty/unifi image from Dockerhub. The second is this blog which is using the official Ghost image on Dockerhub which had a few idiosyncrasies but once I’d worked them out made getting this up and running an absolute breeze.

I’m learning more on a daily basis, and it’s continuously blowing my mind. If you’ve been on the fence for a while, you should absolutely give it a shot. Even if your use case seems a bit simple for it, and if you’re running Node, Java, Flask etc. then it will simplify things enormously.

I can’t wait for EKS to be rolled out in Europe so we can give K8S a go.

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